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Man swallowed by giant python

March 29, 2017 | Wednesday

A 25 year-old farmer named Akbar went missing Sunday after he left his home at around 7pm to head to his palm oil plantation with some harvesting equipment.

Akbar did not return as usual the next day, and some villagers reported hearing a scream coming from the direction of his plantation in the afternoon, but they thought it was the sound of local hunters attacking a wild pig. Since it was very brief and did not include a cry for help, they did not investigate it at the time.

But worries about Akbar’s absence increased throughout the day, and a search party went looking for him that night.

At around 10pm, one resident found a huge 7-foot python at the edge of Akbar’s plantation. The reptile had clearly just swallowed something huge, and villagers immediately recognized the shape of what it might be.

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