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What's the Deal With Facebook's Privacy Dinosaur?

Facebook's privacy dinosaur (below) is slightly less terrifying than this one, and first appeared to users a few weeks ago, along with a privacy pop-up from the company.
If you've posted to Facebook recently, you may have noticed a new graphic with a prehistoric twist: the privacy dinosaur.

The company is testing a pop-up reminder that encourages users to pay attention to who they're sharing with on its platform, and the privacy dinosaur — a blue laptop-wielding cartoon dinosaur — accompanies the message.

Facebook has been testing the reminder for the past few weeks, and the dinosaur has been a fun, albeit inexplicable, part of the test.
A Facebook spokesperson didn't share any details about the dinosaur or its creation, but did provide a statement about the new reminder: "We frequently test new ways to help ensure people are sharing with who they want to on Facebook."
FB Privacy Dinosaur
Facebook is testing a privacy reminder for users, which includes a new cartoon: the privacy dinosaur.
Image: Facebook
Facebook users can specify the group with which they want to share their posts, and the pop-up asks them to ensure they are sharing with the intended group. There hasn't been a change to how privacy or sharing works on Facebook; the company is merely alerting users to the option.

If this doesn't strike you as a typical Facebook move, you aren't alone. Slate technology writer Will Oremus suggested it may be a sign that the company truly understands the importance of user trust. Even the International Association of Privacy Professionals acknowledged the strategy via Twitter:

So keep an eye out for Facebook's privacy dinosaur — it may just save you from oversharing.

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