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VIDEO: Newborn baby buried by his parents in cemetery has survived for 8 days

Thursday, May 14, 2015

photo via society.people
A newborn baby was found crying in the cemetery. Buried by his parents  for almost 8 days. This baby from Guangxi province in southern China was been rescued from being buried by a middle-aged woman.

According to Lu Fenglian, the women who heard the crying of the baby, thought that the mountain where she was picking some herbs in Chinese medicine was haunted. So she immediately run away from the place to asked for help.

She asked the 75 year old priest Zhao Shimin from the Buddhist Temple for help. When they came back to the place they realized that the crying was coming from the underground area where there are countless unmarked grave.
photo via society.people
 Thay call a police for help then found a baby which is buried just 5 centimeters below the surface. The baby is inside a cardboard box and was covered in soil.

They rushed the baby at the Tian Dong County People's Hospital  and gave him immediate treatment. The doctor found out that the baby has been swallowing some dirt while buried underground. After giving several medications, the baby was now in good condition.

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