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VIDEO: This old woman suffers from pneumonia. What this nurse did will surely move you!

May 28, 2015 | Thursday

Jared Axen was working as a nurse at Valencia Hospital in California. He is popularly known as "The Singing Nurse" of the hospital.

Jared was called the singing nurse because he connects to his patients by singing them songs while taking care of them. 

“If he would come in 24 hours a day I think I’d be well and I’d be out of here but then I wouldn’t see him, he has a beautiful, soothing voice and the nice thing about it is when he looks at you, you know he’s singing to you. It just pierces my heart.” Laskoske said.

Norma Laskoske is one of his patient, an 89 year old woman who suffer from pneumonia and lung cancer. Everytime Jared was singing her lips was slowly moving and mouthing the lyrics of the song

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