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VIDEO: 4-Year-Old baby Girl Married 29-Year Old Man. The Reason Behind The Story Will Shock You

July 22, 2015 | Wednesday

This 4-year old girl named Abby Sayles marry a 2-year old an man who is working as a nurse at Albany Medical Center. Abby was admitted to the Melodies Center for Child Caner and Blood Disorders at Albany Medical Center where she was undergoing treatments for leukemia for over a year now.

During his stay, Abby becomes close to one of the nurse named Matt Hickling.  Abby proposed to Matt and Matt said  Yes.

After Abby's proposal they prepare a little ceremony where Abby and Matt got married. The people at the ceremony believes that this can help Abby in her recovery.

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Source: Youtube, BreakingHD1

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