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VIDEO: Alleged Fake Red Horse Sold In Cainta Rizal

July 23, 2015 | Thursday

 Another news about fake product is now circulating on social media. A month ago news about fake products such as  rice, eggs, and noodles circulated on internet. Now an alleged video of fake Beer is going viral.

Luckie Ver claimed that they have purchased a fake "Beer"  in Cainta Rizal. According to him they bought the said beer for only 50 pesos which has the original price of 70 pesos.

In his video you can notice that when he poured the beer in the glass it's like a "clear liquid" with something floating on it.

The manufacturer of the said beer hasn't issued any statement regarding the alleged fake beer. Although Luckie claimed in his video that the beer was fake. It is unclear if the "Beer" was fake or just used for fun.

Did you experienced the same things like Luckie?  What are your thoughts? Sounds off in the comment section below.

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