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VIDEO: Baby Died After Mother's Kiss. The Reason Will Shock You

July 21, 2015 | Monday

 Kissing a baby is a way of saying how much we will love them. Especially a kiss of a mother to her baby. But what if this kiss will be the reason to have your baby sick and pass away.

Ruth Schofield gave birth to a baby girl. But after 11 days she was also the reason why her little girl passed away.

According to the video Ruth transferred the Herpes Simplex Virus  through constantly kissing her baby to the lips.

The doctor did not know that baby Jennifer had the disease so they were not able to give the treatment the baby needed.

  'The day she died it was a total shock. I just could not believe it.'It was only afterwards we discovered she had contracted HSV. Apparently it was in all her organs - brain, liver, kidneys - everything. On the last day her tiny body just shut down.' Ruth said.

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source; Youtube, TNP, news672, WaysAndHow

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