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VIDEO: Biggest Animal Ever Recorded in the Ocean Depths | Strange Mysteries

August 24, 2015 | Monday

In 1997, an array of hydrophones, special underwater microphones used by scientists to study happenings under the ocean, detected an extremely loud and low frequency sound that was able to be heard more than 3000 miles away from its source.

It was calculated to have occurred a ways west off the coast of the South American tip.

The sound, due to what it sounds like when sped up 16 times was dubbed "The Bloop" and sounds like this.

Ill play the real sound for you, which is much creepier, at the end of this video.

Due to the frequency signature of the sound, marine biologists believe the sound was not man made from something like a bomb or due to any sort of underwater volcanic or seismic activity. It seemed to moreso match that of some sort of underwater mammal - like the blue whale.

The problem is the loudest sound detected by a blue whale could only reach a little under 1000 miles...thus whatever it is that caused this sound had to be several orders of magnitude larger than the largest known living organism.

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