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VIDEO: Have You Seen "This Man" In Your Dreams? | Strange Mysteries

August 14, 2015 | Friday

 "This Man" or ThisMan has been appearing in people's dreams around the world - some suggest he is a spirit or astral traveler, but no one really knows.

It seems this man has been appearing in thousands of people's dreams around the world since 2006 when it was first documented by a New York psychiatrist with multiple patients describing dreams with this man in them. The remarkably similar sketched images were published and a global phenomenon was discovered!

The website,, has risen to the task of helping those who have seen this man in their dreams, with the aim of understanding who this man is, and why this man appears so randomly in both the dreams and nightmares of so many.

A world wide initiative is underway to publicly post flyers in dozens of languages all asking the same question... Have you Dreamed This Man?

According to the website statistics, there are over two thousand reports of this man showing up in all sorts of dreams. According to their popular Facebook page, there are far, far more than that.
Theories suggest this man may be a figment of our collective imagination, a spiritual vistor, or an astral traveller. Of course the skeptics say it's only a dream.

What are your thoughts? Sounds off in the comment section below.

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