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VIDEO: Jeeppney Commuters, Beware Of This New Modus

July 31, 2015 | Friday

New modus of snatching goes viral on social media. 

The story posted on facebook, the video was taken by a passenger riding in a cab in Cebu. During the stop signal, 2 men wearing blue polo shirt the one was holding a jacket, squeeze in with the rest of the excess passenger.

You can see the man holding a jacket was trying to get his hand inside the backpack's pocket of the passenger hanging  from the rear of the jeepney. After getting what is inside the bakpack's pocket (probably a cellphone according to the reaction of the taxi driver in the video.) One of the thieves signal to the direction of the passenger at the cab who was taking the video and then decided to leave after.

Did you experienced modus like this?  What are your thoughts? Sounds off in the comment section below.

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