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VIDEO: Restaurant Shut Down After ‘Serving Human Flesh' To Customers

August 6, 2015 | Thursday

UPDATED:  August 7, 2015 | Friday

Restaurant shuts  down their operation after reportedly serving human flesh to customers.

According to BBC News Swahili, visitors to the hotel restaurant in Anambra, Nigeria, notified police that there were rumours that human meat was being given to customers.

The BBC reports that when police raided the restaurant, they found to their horror that fresh human heads – still bleeding – were being stored in the back and that some human flesh was being served. In addition, officers found automatic weapons and mobile phones.


Uche Eze, a spokesperson for Nigerian Police, said in a statement that the report was inaccurate. "There was nothing like that. I advise you to ignore that report. It's not true and it did not happen. We don't have such record. It's embarrassing," Eze reportedly said.

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