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WATCH: Scientists Discover Giant Skeleton | Is It Real Or Fake?

August 21, 2015 | Friday

 When national geographic got wind of this story, not only did they deny it, but they put their researchers on it and got to the bottom of it. Then they published a big article about how they were the victim of a hoax.

In their article, Nat Geo traced the photo back to a photoshop contest on a website called The goal was to come up with the best fake pictures of “Archaeological Anomalies.”

This picture, called Giants was created by a photoshop artist using the handle, Ironkite, and it won 3 place in the contest.

Ironkite wouldn’t tell Natgeo his real name but he did reveal the secrets of how he created the fake picture.

He first started out with ta real picture like this of a mastodon excavation in the United States… He then digitally superimposed a human skeleton over the beast’s remains.

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