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WATCH: Translucent Worm-Like Sea Creature Found In Ticao Island In Philippines | Is It Real Or Fake?

September 1, 2015 | Tuesday

 The video was first posted in newsflare website and claimed it showed a group of divers swimming with a translucent worm-like sea creature off the coast of Ticao Island in the Philippines.

The video is 41 seconds long and shows three divers (plus the one with the camera) just treading water around this strange looking tube. The divers hang around for awhile looking at it, then there is a dissolves to another shot of it it where it mysteriously changes color!

But what is that translucent sea creature caught on camera? Is it Real or Fake? Watch the video to find out!

What are your thoughts? Is the video real? Sounds off in the comment section below.

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