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TRENDING: Rude Woman At Gas Station Asks "Are You Gay?"

October 13, 2015 | Tuesday

Everybody should be treated equally regardless of their status in life. A rich man and a poor man should be able to enjoy life the same way each of them wants to, without being discriminated against. Well, that is what most of us want to believe in, but apparently it isn’t the case.

Today, many of our fellow Filipino citizens are discriminated against for being poor or uneducated. Rich or poor, nobody has the right to insult others.

Facebook user Anthony Ramos was on a taxi waiting in line at Caltex at BF Homes in Parañaque, when suddenly this woman on a Hyundai Tucson appeared behind them. Although Anthony and his driver Marlon have been waiting for minutes already, the woman told the gas attendant to fill up her tank first since she was in a ‘private car’.

But since the attendant knew that the taxi was first in line, he didn’t move right away. The woman then yelled at the taxi driver and glared at him. 

Their short verbal fight ended after the woman closed the door, forcing Anthony to just walk away. A few hours into the incident, the woman’s son contacted him, explaining that his mom would never do such a thing. Apparently, the woman told a different story to her son.

According to him (son), the woman is battling an illness and is being supported by her children. But of course, none of those reasons gives her the right to cut in line. Anthony promised to take the video down as soon as the woman apologizes to Marlon (taxi driver).

 Read the post of Miguel Cortez Hernandez son of the woman in the video. Miguel posted a statement on facebook reagarding the incident.

If any one is wondering.. Yes, the woman in that viral gas station video is my mum. Before you cast another stone and...
Posted by Miguel Cortez Hernandez on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

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