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WATCH: Julie Anne San Jose Accepts Ellen DeGeneres Challenge To Sing Live In The Middle Of Time Square

December 7, 2015 | Monday

This was back in May this year, when, out of nowhere, Thor and Spiderman dared Julie Anne San Jose to sing live in front of the crowd of New York City's world famous Times Square!

 According to an article posted on ellentube on Dcecember 3. Spiderman and Thor are the host of the Ellen Show who dare Julie Anne to sing.

“This young girl named Julie Anne, who came all the way from the Philippines, was game enough to take on a dare: to sing in front of strangers in the middle of Times Square!

“And would you look at that! She even got your friendly neighborhood Spiderman and your otherworldly superhero Thor to join her in this amazing and outstanding spur-of-the-moment… moment.

Thor’s hammer seems to be a very effective microphone too!” quoted from ellentube article.

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