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Alden and Maine Celebrate Monthsary Off-Cam | "E, parang gano'n din [kami]" - Maine

January 18, 2015 | Monday

Last Saturday AlDub celebrate their 6th  monthsary on the set of Eat Bulaga. Alden and Maine are present in the Broadway Centrum where some of their fans had the chance to ask some questions to them.
One fan asked if they also celebrate their monthsary off-cam.

It take too long for Alden and Maine to answer the question so Allan K. said "Kung hindi niyo masagot, subukan nating sumagot yung mga lola!"

Then Lola Tinidora replied "Pag magkakasama kami, si Meng laging may katext."

Then Alden and Maine said "Tetext na lang po namin sa inyo. I-tweet na lang."

They also answer questions from their followers on twitter. One twitter follower asked Maine "saan niya unang dadalhin si Alden kapag pumunta sila ng New York?"

Maine replied " Sa Central Business Park"

"Yung isa kasi sa mga favorite kong movies yung Serendipity, dun siya shinoot." she added.

"E, parang gano'n din [kami] serendipity, happy accident," referring on what happened to her and Alden.

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