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Mayor Duterte Turned Down Money From Giant Telecom | Received Praises From Netizens

February 1, 2016 | Monday

As the election day getting closer. Election candidates started their campaigns. From advertisements from different TV and radio stations to placards and billboards.

A news came up that presidential candidate Rody Duterte declined a money offer from giant telecom to support his Presidential campaign.

According to report from Manny Piñol, executives of Giant Telecom based in Makati offered cash for Mayor's election campaign but Mayor Duterte politely declined the money.

When Mayor Duterte was in Cebu City it can be recalled that he instructed his election campaign team to exercise due deligence when it come to accepting money who do businesses with the government.

Hope for telecom subscribersDUTERTE DECLINED MILLIONSOFFERED BY GIANT TELECOMBy Manny PiñolI was puzzled and...
Posted by MannyPiñol on Saturday, January 30, 2016

 "Money is hard to come nowadays. I have been very frank to everybody. I am not going to accept any donation, any assistance coming from businesses or corporation doing business with the government."

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