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Eat Bulaga Fan Wrote A Letter To AlDub And AlDub Nation

March 7, 2016 | Monday

Since the beginning of AlDub on Eat Bulaga no doubt the phenomenal love team create a huge fan base from Philippines and other countries.  Kalyeserye made a huge impact in the ratings of Eat Bulaga.

As a result the rival show of Eat Bulaga lost some of their viewers because of the popularity of AlDub.

But according to this fan who claimed to be an AlDub and EB fan. Ever sinve the ratings of Eat Bulaga increase, some of their hosts and AlDub fans became arrogant and rude towards the fans of their rival shoe.

He also added that he switched from being an EB to It's showtime fan because the whole cast of showtime are humble even though they lost some of theor viewers.

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