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WATCH: Giant Snake Attacks Humans In The Philippines

March 11, 2016 | Friday

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Over 25% of the men have been attacked by a giant constrictor snakes. These man eating pythons have swallowed dogs, pigs, monkeys and even men as they have plagued the Agta for centuries.

Agta who live in isolated mountain areas of the Philippines and considered the earliest inhabitants of the country.

The average Agta tribesman is under 5 feet tall and weighs less than 100 pounds, which means there isn't much difference in size when comparing them to a wild pig.

Thomas and his wife Janet spend over 24 years [1962-1986] among the tribesmen, documenting some amazing reports.

2 men had been attacked twice, 15 bitten and 11 had permanent scars to forever remind them of these deadly snakes.

Between 1934 and 1973 6 Agta members had been killed by a giant snake attack.

One man was found still digesting inside the body of a massive python.

And perhaps the most tragic incident was the evening a man named Teteng walked into his children's hut.

Something you only see in horror films, Teteng found his son and one of his daughters dead on the floor.

A huge killer snake had one of his children wrapped in it's coils and had began swallowing her head

The father pulled out his bolo knife and frantically slashed the snake into pieces, but it was too late...his baby daughter Nini's siblings, were dead.

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