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WATCH: Koreans React To Carrot Man Jeyrick Sigmaton

March 10, 2016 | Thursday

Screenshot from youtube

After Carrot Man Jeyrick Sigmaton captured the heart of Filipino people. Jeyrick is now receiving positive comments from Koreans celebrities.


Korean tv hosts talked how Jeyrick won the heart of netizens... Saying he is from the Philippines native tribe Igorot. Who lives by farming and does not have enough exposure. But he was fortunately discovered to be looking similar with Top Korean Actors. (TV Hosts were surprise and amazed how handsome Jeyrick Sigmaton was).

He was accidentally discovered by a tourist who took a pictures of him and posted it in the internet just like the bread seller who recently became an instant model when a famous actor took a photo of her while they were preparing for a taping.

Translated by Michael Galvez Echurre

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