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WATCH: 10 Disturbing Cases Of Modern Day Cannibalism

June 24, 2016 | Friday

As most of us know, cannibalism is the consumption of part of or the entirety of an individual from the same species. When most of us think of cannibalism we think of uncivilized tribes of warriors found deep within some remote jungle in the Pacific or South America. Legends and various stories surface from time to time about such groups making sacrifices to the gods, eating the hearts of enemy warriors to gain their soul or killing and devouring unlucky explorers and adventurers who happen to trespass onto the tribe’s land. To varying degrees, these are all true. It must be said, however, that cannibalism is not limited to only the warrior societies of the world’s jungles and mountains.
Even more ‘civilized’ societies and populations are known to have undertaken various amount of cannibalism over time. In the Middle-Ages, Egyptian mummies were ground up and sold for medicinal purposes. European Crusaders are reported to have feasted on the flesh of their enemies following battle. Chinese warriors and civilians during the Tang Dynasty are said to have practiced cannibalism after battle and during sieges of towns and castles. Around 200 years ago, there are examples of French sailors and American pioneers resorting to the practice after their situation became so desperate survival made cannibalism a necessity. Even in World War 2, the siege of Leningrad was so bad that cannibalism was practiced by some civilians, requiring police to specifically crack down on the practice.

Of course, reading all those examples it is easy to think that they were all so long ago. Surely the world we live in today is more refined and advanced to the point that no one undertakes the rather barbaric act of eating others. Think again. Today, there are numerous cases of cannibalism and they aren’t limited to the less ‘civilized’ parts of the world. In fact, some of the most disturbing and recent examples of cannibalism can be found in countries such as Germany, Japan, Russia, Australia and the United States. Even more disturbing is the fact that they seem to occur almost anywhere, whether it be rural or in the city. Cannibalism isn’t something that just happens deep in the jungle. 

The following video contains examples of modern-day cannibalism which are definitely disturbing. In all cases, these examples of cannibalism wouldn’t be out of place in a horror movie like SAW or a film featuring the likes of Hannibal Lecter. The difference is, these are all very real and actually happened. The acts of cannibalism mentioned ahead are varied in their background. Most are tied to murder resulting from a severe mental disorder or rage. Others are less ‘conventional’ and appear to be either part of some form of fetish or inexplicable zombie-like desire. In any event, they are all guaranteed to shock you and demonstrate that cannibalism is something which continues to be practiced even today.

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