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WATCH: 10 Unusual Jobs With A High Paying Salary

June 18, 2016 | Saturday

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Finding gainful, viable employment can be a challenge, both for young people entering the workforce and even for long-employed industry veterans. With many appealing jobs attracting an overwhelming volume of stiff competition, even qualified candidates can feel as though they’ve been left out in the cold in pursuit of steady work. Sometimes, though, it’s as simple as stepping outside the box and getting creative when it comes to finding a job that both brings a steady paycheck and offers a compelling challenge. 

There are jobs out there that you haven’t even heard of that can pad the wallets of those who are fortunate enough to know where to look. While we all know of the wealth and respect that comes with job titles such as lawyer, doctor and company CEO, there are plenty of other ways to earn a pretty cushy living. Without the same level of cache, hot dog vendors, ice cream testers and horse exercisers can still pull down some serious coin, even if parents aren’t likely to proudly crow about their ice cream-testing son. But on top of being nicely compensated, these jobs can leave those that fill them with a quicker path to riches on account of less corporate ladder-climbing and a pretty interesting answer to the inevitable “what do you do?” question at parties.

There are a number of reasons that odd jobs can be more lucrative than one might otherwise expect. For one thing, some professions may need to offer up a little extra added incentive in order to recruit choice candidates to a position that they may otherwise struggle to fill. If a job description calls for working with hazardous materials or in unpleasant environments, a company may feel the need to sweeten the deal with a friendlier contract offer. If a role leaves precious little access to the outside world and demands significant personal sacrifices, one way to make it up to the right candidate is an extra zero on the end of a salary.

Jobs that exist outside of the conventional norm can also be demanding and fulfill essential, practical services. These jobs, after all, carry a purpose that stands in keeping with the wages for which the role is paid. Basically, an individual or company has ascribed a dollar value that provides a measure of just how integral that particular position is. Hacker’s may possess certain tools that can earn them big pay days through under-handed means, so it stands to reason that hacker-leery corporations might want to get ahead of any potential mischievous foes by investing money and resources into hiring one to represent their own needs. Of course, if your company has a specific need for a unique and unorthodox kind of service, it is probably worth padding the wages offered to ensure you’re getting the cream of the crop from the candidate pool.

Whatever the reason may be, a deep dive in the job hunt can produce some hidden gems that you probably didn’t even know were out there. Here are 10 weird but real jobs that, at least according to the Bureau of Labor Services, offer a pretty cushy pay rate.

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