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WATCH: The Most Remote and Deadly Islands that Exist in the World

June 6, 2016 | Monday

In a world where everything seems to be on the internet, captured by google maps or watched by the numerous satellites up in space, it seems hard to imagine that there still exist remote and dangerous places where people don’t travel to or live. Our planet seems to be getting smaller all the time but there remain countless locations which are just as untameable today as they were hundreds of years ago when people set out to explore the unknown. In addition to our limited knowledge of what lies at the bottom of our vast oceans, there are still more than a few islands scattered about these massive bodies of water which remain mysterious to us.

Of all the dangerous and remote locations on earth, islands stand out thanks to the fact they are not attached to any significant landmass. Furthermore, in the great expanses of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans, islands can be hundreds if not thousands of kilometers from the nearest population center. Remote because they are so isolated away from major land masses, these islands are also dangerous for anyone visiting or wishing to set up a residence. Why? Some are only accessible by ship, meaning in an emergency you are going to have to wait at least several days for help. Other islands are home to dangerous animals, active volcanoes or susceptible to terrible weather. Finally, some of these remote locations remain home to tribes of indigenous people who still practice cannibalism or just want to be left alone.

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