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WATCH: Top 10 Photos that You Need to Look at a Few Times to Understand

June 8, 2016 | Wednesday

When it comes to our eyes, they can easily deceive us. For one, over the course of our years, our eyes adjust and are trained to make assumptions of visions based on patterns we have seen during our lives. So when we are presented with a picture that doesn’t make sense, we have to stop and take a second look in order to process it. Otherwise we might accidentally see a woman with a zebra’s hind legs, or an old man with a twenty-year-old woman’s body. These images defy logic and belong in fantasy. And these mistakes are probably the sources of some of our greatest urban legends.

Thanks to the innovation of technology, we have some of the greatest digital artists who can integrate hidden images in photos and trick the world into thinking the fantasy is real. Or, the images turn into a form of brain games and they are published and distributed for the purposes of making our minds sharper. But on the other hand, sometimes fate and Mother Nature presents us with a photo that needs to be looked at twice through extraordinary circumstances.
Here we have ten pictures you have to look at twice. There are special elements to these photos that would be a shame to miss if you only look at them once. Sometimes there is something special that is hidden in plain sight. Whether the photo is real, or it has been edited, it doesn’t discount the quality. It’s like the photos in this video are a weird version of Where’s Waldo!

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