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WATCH: 10 Deadliest Internet Challenges Ever Posted Online That Goes Viral

July 18, 2016 | Monday

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As humans, we naturally like to push the limits of what is safe and what is normal. This has led to great discoveries and advancements throughout our history. A man on the moon, breaking the sound barrier, diving to the deepest depth of the ocean – all a result of pushing the limit and taking up a challenge. That said, not every challenge is really news worthy. Thanks to social media and the fact that many people are mindless lemmings when it comes to trends, we get bombarded with evidence of people ‘pushing the limit’ – at least the limit of common sense.

Internet trends and challenges aren’t really in the same realm as those great endeavours you hear about in school or see on the History Channel. They just seem like something someone did one day and then a bunch of other, probably bored, people decided to mimic. How much of a certain food can I shove in my mouth at once? How long can I handle the pain of a certain hot food? How far can I send myself hurtling through the air without getting horribly injured? You know the types of things we’re talking about. If you don’t, take a look at these follow dangerous internet trends and challenges. In most cases they’ll leave people wondering why on earth someone would want to do that.

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