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WATCH: TEN People You Won't Believe Exist

July 4, 2015 | Monday

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When it comes to people, there are those who fade into the sea of endless faces and those who stand out. Whether it is due to talent, a medical condition, an incident from fate, or a deliberate act, there are different variables that can cause people to stand out from the rest of the human population and become famous. The people in this video have had some pretty interesting things happen in their lives. Take Marya Hills as an example, also known as Benshine. She has the largest breasts in the world with a bra size of 32Z. Each breast weighs about 20 pounds and they exist the way that they due thanks to cosmetic surgery.

Then there is the incredible story of Rolf Buchholz, who is known to be the most pierced man in the world with over 100 piercings on his face and body. Obviously, the act of getting pierced was intentional and deliberate, and it made Rolf famous. But then we have stories like Jonathan Pitre, who has a rare medical condition that causes his entire body to blister inside and out. Every day, the young boy has to wear bandages to keep his skin intact, and the condition he suffers from is known as Epidermolysis Bullos, thus earning the nickname, “Butterfly Boy.”
Then we have grandmothers like Yasmina Rossi, who is 59 years old and has the body of a girl in her mid-20s. Because she takes care of herself with a healthy diet and a homemade body scrub, Yasmina can do professional modeling for the big wigs in the fashion industry.

There are more unbelievable people in the video, so check out the rest!

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