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Know The Hidden Secret Menus in Popular Restaurants

August 3, 2016 | Wednesday

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We’ve all been there – perhaps you’re out doing some shopping or heading down the highway on a road trip and you get a craving for some food. You see a sign for a restaurant in a few miles and mentally prepare for what you are going to order. Unfortunately, your hopes are dashed when you head up to order because the item you want to get isn’t on the menu or has been discontinued. Defeated, you order something else close to what you originally wanted – but it isn’t exactly what you wanted. This scenario plays itself out all across the world on a daily basis. You missed the deadline for that special burger or the chain you are visiting doesn’t advertise that specific combo you want. Believe it or not, it may not be the end of the world.

Did you know that in many cases you aren’t limited to ordering only the items you see on the menu? In most major fast-food chains discontinued items can often be successfully ordered. It requires that the particular restaurant you are ordering in has staff who are familiar with what you are ordering and that the ingredients required are on hand. For instance, have a craving for a discontinued blueberry milkshake at a local restaurant? Odds are you can get that shake as long as they continue to have the blueberry flavoring or sauce still on hand. As many restaurants use the same ingredients in several different menu items to save money and time, they are usually able to create items not on the menu or that have been officially discontinued.

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