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WATCH: Shocking Pokemon Go Moments Caught On Camera & Spotted In Real Life

August 7, 2016 | Sunday

Pokemon Go is now the BIGGEST, if not one of the BIGGEST mobile games ever launched with over 75 million downloads worlwide. Pokemon Go lets you interact with the outside world bringing players from everywhere and together in a pokemon hunting journey. Now, this journey has caused many moments that many would NEVER like to go through. This list is full of insane , crazy and unexpected outside situations from this game so you definitely dont want to miss these 5 Shocking Pokemon Go Moments Caught On Camera & Spotted In Real Life! Lets...Begin!

1. Pokemon Go Distraction

The video your about to see comes from a very distracted Pokemon Go user. I mean, what Pokemon Go user isnt distracted from time to time. Within the video, it shows a man playing Pokemon Go without looking directly in front of him when he notices at that at the final moment, a train was going to brutally hit him almost causing his death. You can see that the man is wearing a Pokemon hat making everything more compelling. Anyways, the video.

2. Late Night Pokemon Hunting

The video your about to see shows a fellow YouTuber hunting Pokemon Go late at night. What the YouTuber didnt know is that he was trespassing property from a very strict man that had no hesitation to start shooting at the YouTuber and his friend. People, this is why you always want to be careful where you catch Pokemon late at night, cause indeed, it can get kinda dangerous... Anyways, the footage.

3. Pokemon Go Robbery

What your about to see is a video from a YouTuber with over 65,000 subscribers called Aidens Life. The video shows Aiden walking back home while recording his Pokemon Go journey at night, when all of a sudden, out of complete nowhere, a guy with a black hoodie walks up to Aiden pointing a knife at him while asking him to put all his belingings in a bag. Aiden, scared and surprised puts everything in the bag and goes to a nearby home to ask for a phone to call the cops. The next day, cops arrest the thief and Aiden gets his belongings retuned back to him. And this is why you should ALWAYS be careful when playing Pokemon Go at night... Anyways, here... is the footage.

4. Pokemon Go Murder

The Pokemon GO game is on the rise containing reports of social interaction with others out in the real world. Now check this out. A few YouTubers reported that a Pokemon GO user and part-time Uber driver named Alex Ramirez had witnessed a murder on church property in Beaumont, Texas. As an efficient use of his time, Ramirez of AlexRamiGaming has a very decent live streaming setup on his console and dash. Between pick-ups he live streams his Pokemon GO YouTube videos and within this footage about to be shown, he can be heard calling 911 to report what he saw with his own eyes. Here... is the video.

5. Dead Body Found Playing Pokemon Go

On the 14th of July, 3 friends were Playing Pokemon Go in the Mariana Bear Memorial Park when they appear to find a dead decomposed body over a ditch. The police was then called and claims that the dead body found over the ditch is part of a homocide but are not 100% sure. The case is still being investigated as of today without any solid answer. Here is what 1 of the 3 friends had to say about the situation

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