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TRENDING: Guy Catches Fish With His Iphone?

September 26, 2016 | Monday

As posted in the description of the How Ridiculous channel, If you've got an iPhone that's destroyed beyond repair, why not use it as a fishing lure!? It just might work!"

Now that idea sounds really crazy. But is it possible? Watch us as we deconstruct the video to see if it is real or fake!

The video was sent in by theasssinkid, ArravIncredible, and PattyPaddington66,

It starts out with a guy ( Brett Stanford) walking down the beach telling us he likes fishing and shows us an Iphone… but wait a second. The Iphone he shows us is black, but a few seconds later, we see the phone on the hook but it's silver?

He walks down to the water’s edge and prepares to cast out. But hold on - there is something strange going on here too. At first we see a guy out in the water doing something, but then there is an edit and now the guy in the water is gone?

What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comment section below.

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