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WATCH: Five Mysterious Creatures Caught On Camera & Spotted In Real Life

September 28, 2016 | Wednesday

 Our world is truly a mystery. Many unknown creatures pop up within Earth every know and then without any logical explanation as to where the hell they might come from. Many of these so called outside monsters have been caught on tape but some have already been identified. Its true that the internet is full of hoax videos but within this countdown, we are only showing the realest and most unexplained sightings ever recorded so make sure you stay till the end.

1. The Monster of China

This next footage your about to see was recorded in China in 2015. The video shows an unidentified creature that was captured by plantation workers in the shensen department. The creature was found swimming in contaminated waters but the employees that were nearby managed to capture it and was eventually put inside a cage. Whats strange about it is that this bizarre looking creature has never been seen before and it acts like no other.

2. The Creature of Portugal

The video your about to see was recorded in Portugal in 2016. Inside the video, a man appears to be recording when all of a sudden something with the looks of a humanoid like creature is seen walking on sight. Specialists have seen this footage over and over again and up to this day, the creature is still unidentified. People guess that the creature shown might be a Chupacabra or a Bigfoot but.... what do you think?

3. The Tsunami Creature

The footage about to be shown was recorded on the 11th of March of 2011 and it took place on the day the devastating Tsunami of Japan occured. The tsunami of 2011 was without a doubt the strongest one up to date and something very weird indeed was caught during the event. This next video was recorded by an anonomys person and it shows a mysterious like creature that came straight from the waves of the tsunami. No one can really identify this strange like sighting but what about you?

4. Ningen

The video your about to see shows a creature named Ningen. You might be asking, what the hell is a Ningen? Well, Ningen is a humanoid sea creature with long arms and similar characteristics of a human that has been rumored to exist since the 1990s. Since then, there have been people claiming to have seen one. No one has ever come forward with any real evidence of this fictional sighting except the one your about to see right now. All captured by an expedition ship in the United States, I present to you Ningen. Let me know what you think about this small clip.

5. The Unknown Sea Monster

The footage about to be shown was recorded in a pond from Iceland in 2012. The video shows a guy recording the waters of the pond in a cloudy day when all of a sudden and out of complete nowhere he catches something INSANELY large under the water that is no way near the size of a water snake. Many believe that the creature captured inside the clip is the so called Lochness Monster but you be the judge on what is seen.

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