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WATCH: Top 5 Signs You're A Natural Born Genius

September 12, 2016 | Monday

People might have called you smart before, but have you ever wondered if you’re an actual genius?

You just might secretly be one of the cleverest persons on the planet. But individuals with a high IQ tend to underestimate their intelligence.

So how can you figure out if you or someone you know might have more brain power than the average person?

Brainy people do have similarities in their genetics that lead most of them to possess similar qualities.
Many experiments have been conducted to find out what geniuses have in common.

The following list shows the one or more signs people of a high intellect commonly display,
Plus some other peculiar behaviors that have been observed among individuals with a high IQ.

▷ Number 1
You have an insatiable curiosity.

Geniuses are curious about almost everything.
They want to understand other people, outer space, the depths of the ocean, and everything in between.
Their curiosity knows no limit.

▷ Number 2
You enjoy reading.

Readers are sometimes perceived as being boring eggheads,
but in reality, reading is the greatest tool we have for mental expansion.
Geniuses enjoy spending their time with a nose in a book because it enables them to learn new things.

▷ Number 3
You love a good mental challenge.

Geniuses love learning about new things,
and part of the learning process is having your ideas and knowledge tested.
They enjoy a vigorous debate and relish in being proved wrong.

▷ Number 4
You tend to forget things.

Forgetfulness is a sign of genius.
Think of every absent-minded professor you've ever met.
Intellectuals tend to be preoccupied with other things.
Forgetfulness isn't the sign of a dullard, but rather a brilliant woman or man.

And Finally,

▷ Number 5
You talk to yourself.

Once considered a sign of insanity, talking to yourself has shown to improve memory.
People who talk to themselves are considerably smarter because when you speak to yourself loudly,
It reinforces ideas, and it will become easier to remember things better the next time.

If you talk to yourself, you're not crazy. You're probably a genius!

So these are the signs of genius, If you matched all five then probably you are a genius.

Did you find any resemblance to your own character?

What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comment section below.

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