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WATCH: Man becomes 'Korean idol' with crazy plastic surgery

October 31, 2016 | Monday

 1. Xiahn, formerly known as Max and from Novo Hamburgo in southern Brazil, studied in South Korea and liked the place so much that he had 10 procedures done on his eyes. He also died his blond hair brown and wears brown contact lenses over his blue eyes.

2. Ukrainian model and Youtube star Alina Kovaleskaya is apparently the latest and greatest in the world of real-life Barbie dolls.

3. A 24-year-old from the UK has shelled out an estimated $30,000 in an attempt to look exactly like Kim Kardashian.

4. Japanese porn star Rina Nanase, known as Rumi Kanda in her adult videos, is obsessed with plastic surgery and altered her appearance so much that she ended up looking like a dead ringer for Harry Potter house elf Dobby.

5. Pouty lips are all the rage, but this man has had more than 50 filler injections to look like his reality idol.

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