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WATCH: Scariest Things Really Found Hiding Under People's Beds

October 17, 2016 | Monday

Sleeping is one of the necessities life has to offer that we must never miss. Lying in our beds, thinking that we should be resting, relaxing, and unwinding from a very stressful day, sometimes we just want to take the rest of the day off just to spend time with our comfy beds. But have you ever wondered that maybe, just maybe when the times we are asleep, are we really safe from what lies beneath our beds? Here are the 5 Scariest Things Really Found Hiding Under People's Beds!

5. The “Ex-Boyfriend”

Who would have thought that breaking into a house would be that hard? Jason Hubbard, also known as the ex-boyfriend’ of Margaret Adamcewicz literally had himself under the bed for 3 days. What does he want from her? Those 3 days that he has been under that bunk bed, what could possibly happen to her? What if this happens to you? Imagine having that very relaxed state just lying in your bed, browsing through the web with your phone. What you think might happen tomorrow or the next day. Then suddenly... hearing that sound that comes from beneath that bed of yours. Feeling that unusual movement below, only to find out you have a man hiding under the bed who looks just like your ex? Will it not creep you out when you find out someone has been hiding under your bed for 3 days?

4. The Sinkhole to the Abyss

The level of stress a person can have can sometimes lead them to think that they should just be swallowed whole by a black hole just to stop their selves from feeling that stress or even those negative emotions lingering through their minds. But for an unbelievable reason, a bed we so often trust that nothing will harm us from below answered that wish. Imagine having a very tranquil sleep to rest but suddenly having to hear that harsh bang as loud as an explosion of a cooking gas tank. What would you do? The last place you will ever look is under your bed. But how would you feel if you will see that a sudden massive sinkhole beneath that trusted bed of yours? Will it leave you in hysteria that you almost fell into the world of the abyss?

3. The 30-kg Monster

It has been a notion of dream interpreters that dreaming snakes under your bed is a bad omen which tells you that you will get an illness. But what if this is real? Is this a bad sign that your life is about to suffer? Especially from a python? Which is actually 5 meters long and weighs 30-kgs? Sleeping in our beds serenely, having to hear that hiss. If this happens? Would you be like the fearless man’ who calmly escorted the snake back to its habitats with just a broom? Or would you be that petrified man who will just scream for his life? We can never decide about this until we experience it ourselves. Choose, whether or not you have to run, or be brave enough to accompany that 5 meter long python out of your territory.

2. The Stalker Who Hid Under a Teenager’s Bed

Think about how it would feel if someone sends you a text message saying “ I’m watching you.” To be followed with “I’m in your house”. Wouldn’t anyone freak out like the teen who was the victim of this scene? Whatever happens, no matter how random it would be, reading a text with these in it, you either run for your life, or call the police for protection. What more will it offer if that person who sent you a text will be found under your bed? Scream, shout, or hit them, but don’t ever forget to call the police.

1. The eight-foot beast

Enough of these ex-boyfriends’, sinkholes’, he 30-kg monsters’ or even the stalkers’. Let’s get into the scariest nightmare bed-lovers may ever experience. It isn’t right to have wild monsters, beasts or giants being comfy beneath our beds. It is never safe to have a 30-kg monster or even the 330 pound Nile crocodile below us. What do you fear most when you are thinking about what ghosts, stalkers, or monsters are there lying beneath us? Ghosts aren’t real, stalkers can be, but monsters such as this are living nightmares. Put yourself in this reality, preparing for the rough day ahead of you, gazing upon the head of an eight-foot crocodile dangling near your feet. Wouldn’t you be cutting all your agendas for the day just to freak out to this kind of discovery?

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