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WATCH: Wife Beater Caught on Tape Punching Woman Gets Attacked by Crowd

October 21, 2016 | Friday

 It was a nasty head kick delivered to his own wife which finally did him in. The man seen in this video may think twice before raising his hand to a woman after what came next.

The video was was apparently taken on a smartphone by a neighbor not concerned enough to call the cops, but entertained enough to film the beating and post it online, allowing it to go viral on the Chinese internet.

Available information about the clip informs us the woman seen being beaten is the shirtless man's wife and the incident was filmed in Changzhou, a drab city of 4 million a couple hours drive east of Shanghai,

This kind of violence against women is so commonplace in China that witnesses rarely intervene. Violence within marriage is endemic and police are often reluctant to file a report or make arrests as assault within the context of marriage is widely considered a private matter to be worked out by the people involved. The All China Women's Federation estimates about 64% of all adults have experienced domestic violence, but many researchers believe it is far higher as most crimes go unreported.

There might be no cops in sight, but this guy makes the wrong move when he antagonizes a crowd of people gawking at the one-sided fight.

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