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TRENDING: 20ft long snake drops from restaurant ceiling

November 18, 2016 | Friday

Footage shows the 20ft-long reptile coming through the ceiling tiles in front of shocked customers.

Giant snake drops from ceiling tiles in packed restaurant and slithers down right in front of terrified diners

The massive reptile managed to dislodge the tiles in the roof and make it's way through the gap to join nervous customers as they were trying to eat their meals

The huge reptile, which appeared to look much like a python, somehow managed to dislodge the tiles in the roof before slithering through the hole.

The video shows the snake being guided out by workers at the restaurant using a metal hook.

In the footage, diners can be heard chattering nervously in the background as a team of wildlife experts entered the building.

They then set about using a metal hook to secure the snake and enabling them to get a grip on its head.

Stomach-turning moment massive SNAKE falls from the ceiling of a busy restaurant as diners flee in panic.

Shocking moment a massive SNAKE leaves dinners dramatized as it abruptly falls from restaurant ceiling.

THIS is the spine-tingling moment a colossal snake managed to break through the ceiling and drop on to diners in a restaurant.

Customers enjoying their meals were left horrified when the slithering creature suddenly crept down a hole from above while they were eating.

Shocking footage, which was uploaded online, shows the chaos that ensued when the determined reptile tried to dislodge the tiled ceiling and worm its way through.

In the clip, customers can be heard chatting nervously in the background as staff try to secure the snake with a metal hook.

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