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This Girl Googled "How to Cimmit Suicide" What Google did next is unbelievable

March 19, 2017 | Sunday

 A difficult time may make you feel worthless or without having a future but give it time and before you know it, you’ll be incredibly happy you did not make any serious decisions and this is one example of how, believe it or not, Google helped a girl when she was looking for ideas to kill herself.

Life can get hard sometimes but thinking there’s nothing ahead of that moment is the biggest lie you can tell yourself. Because many have been through even harder, more grueling hurdles but always came out of them stronger and happier.

After getting a government job, the boy came under family pressure and left the girl. After such a drastic incident, all that the girl could think of was suicide. She decided to end her life by jumping in the Yamuna canal which is 4km away from Saharanpur.

Just before jumping she suddenly decided to search for an easier method to end one’s own life.

She searched “How to commit suicide” on Google. Fortunately, instead of showing the methods, the search results showed “Suicide Helpline Numbers”.

Instead of thinking more, she dialed one of the numbers that appeared on the mobile screen. The call was received by the Deputy Inspector General of Police, who convinced her to get counseling.

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