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You're Probably A Genius If You Have These Problems

March 30, 2017 | Friday

Even geniuses suffer from everyday problems, yet most people regard them as superhumans who have it all figured out. Yet, If you have these problems it could be a sign you're actually a genius!

What are the signs you're actually a genius? Do you ever stop and doubt your own intelligence compare to others in your life? Stupid people tend to overestimate their competence, while smart people tend to sell themselves short in their intelligence test.

So, Here are six subtle signs that you are considerably smarter than you think. The chances are you’ll recognize at least a few of these genius signs in yourself straightaway

People might have called you smart before, but how smart are you, have you ever wondered if you’re a real genius or have a high IQ?

You just might secretly be one of the cleverest persons on the planet. But individual personality test themselves with a high IQ tend to underestimate their intelligence.

So how can you figure out if you or someone you know might have more brain power than the average person?

Brainy people do have similarities in their genetics that lead most of them to possess similar qualities. Many experiments have been conducted to find out what geniuses have in common.

The following list shows the one or more signs people of a high intellect commonly display, Plus some other peculiar behaviors that have been observed among individuals with a high IQ.

So these are the signs of genius, If you matched all ten then probably you are a genius. But anything over five and you could class yourself as highly intelligent.

Did you find any resemblance to your own character? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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