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Ms Sahhara To Represent Nigeria At World Transgender Beauty Pageant

Wednesday, 9 July 2014 | 22:51

Controversial transgender Ms Sahhara has announced that he will be representing Nigeria at the 2014 World Transgender beauty pageant.
She revealed after sharing these new photos of herself and a video on her facebook page to say she'll be representing Nigeria at the Super Sireyna of Eat Bulaga competition, a transgender pageant holding in the Philippines.

If she wins, she says, her legacy would be to campaign for the acceptance of transgenders
"I will do all my best to teach people more about transgender issues, who we are and where we come from because there is this huge misconception around the issues that surrounds transgender people. We are not to be afraid of. We are not immoral. We are human beings, we have blood running in our veins and we pray you give us the chance and understanding and love that you give your fellow human beings because we are one of you" she said. Continue...
On who her role model is, she said

"I think my role model is my mum. My mum is a single parent and she brought myself and my younger sister up. She gave us the best education. My mum is very intelligent and she always tells us to go back to school, lets study, lets get all our degrees" she said

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