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This 'alien' on the moon may just be an ancient survival mechanism at work

Saturday, 16 August 2014 | 12:43am
A YouTube video that used photos from Google Moon to suggest the presence of a supposed man on the moon could trigger an ancient defense mechanism, a science website said. said the images on wowforreeel's YouTube video, which had attracted over 4.2 million views as of Friday, may simply be due to pareidolia—people's natural tendency to see faces and other human features in otherwise random patterns.
"The image is a clear case of pareidolia, our tendency to see faces or other recognizable shapes in random formations. It is thought we acquired this trait because it was much better for our ancestors to see a hungry lion in the bushes that wasn't there, than to miss one that was,"IFLS said.
The website also showcased other popular examples of pareidolia in action.
For example, IFLS said that when Viking photographed a particular rock formation on Mars in 1976, the rock looked like a human face when seen from an angle.
Nevertheless, people still get excited about the possibility of a dark patch being an alien or extraterrestrial relic.
"In addition to the tricks our own brains play on us, the power of suggestion is a powerful thing," IFLS said.  GMA News



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