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PHOTO: "JellyFish-Like" UFO Spotted in Holland

June 2, 2015 | Tuesday

Many people believe that UFO's are not real and that alien doesn't exist. Many UFO stories has been posted online but there are no proof that those videos and photos are real.

Like this photo which was captured by the nature blogger Harry Perton. According to him he was just taking some photos of the clouds when he suddenly captured this "JellyFish-Like" UFO image. He was taking photos of the storm in Groningen, Holland. When he was checking the photos he was shocked when he saw this "JellyFish-Like UFO" image.

Harry Perton  said that he is not a UFO believer and he think that the photo was just something meterological.

But netizens started sharing their opinions regarding the photos and debating what it really is.

What's your thought about the photo? Share it in the comment section.

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