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Reports Claimed The Next iPhone Will Be Made In The Philippines

July 15, 2015 | Wednesday reports the news about the transfer of the Apple plant to Philippines. According to reports, Apple Inc was planning to make their next iPhone in the Philippines. This is what appeared on article:

 "Apple products will be soon made in the Philippines, as China is expected to transfer over 8,000 jobs to the country as a start. This is after Apple, Inc. reportedly pressured Foxconn Technology Group, the companies major manufacturer, to transfer one of its manufacturing plant to another Asian country.

In a short press conference led by Apple CEO Tim Cook this Monday, he said both company have chosen the Philippines to be new manufacturer of some vital components f their iPads and iPhones for some various reasons. Mr. Cook mentions Filipinos as very hardworking and can speak English fluently. 

"We received tons of positive feedback about Filipinos working in factories in the Philippines and abroad. We are very confident that they can produce high quality products fro Apple." Tim Cook told reporters noted that they are now in talks with the Philippine government and industrial estate developers.

According to George McDough, Apple's director for manufacturing, the new Apple facility will be at the Light Industry and Science Park IV (LISP) in Malvar, Batangas. Construction of the first building is set to  start in April 2015 and expected to finish in November 2015. Announcement of hiring is being expected soon.

After the news goes viral and received positive feedback from Filipino workers posts an article to clarified the news about Apple is a "HOAX". According to their article,

Apple executive in Cupertino, California are shaking their heads wondering how the rumor even got started. For the record, they will emphatically declare that they have never, ever contemplated moving any of their highly profitable industrial plants in China to the Philippines.

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