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VIDEO: This Heartless Mother and Her Boyfriend Was Arrested From Overdosing A 13-Month Old Baby With Heroin And Cocaine

July 7, 2015 | Tuesday

Kayleigh was found dead inside her Kingsbury home in February. Jordan and the sheriff said Ball and Bennett knew the baby was dead and not just unresponsive when they called authorities. The pair also allegedly actively worked to cover it up.

Dr. Manuel Sikirica a phantologist who examined a 13-month old baby Kayleigh said the baby died because of Pneumonia and respiratory failure which was resulted by the heroin and cocaine toxication. Baby Kayleigh was found lifeless at their home and can no longer be treated by any medications.

Kayleigh's mother, 27 years old and his boyfriend Joshua Bennett 34 years old were charged with second degree murder, manslaughter and assault.

source: youtube

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