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September 21, 2016 | Wedensday

 In video no. 5 we can see a mysterious bright object in the sky movie in directions and changing pace at the rate which plane cannot and whilst this video is playing we can hear pilots of US fighter jets saying “i have no idea what it was” and “it just flew right over me”..since there has been no explanation to what this is, many people have speculated it to be an angle watching over the men

This no. 4 video is supposedly of an angel filmed inside a mosque in azerbajjan during prayer. and in the video we can see a amorphous glow of a figure which would be relatively challenging to replicate. however, unfortuanety this video was filmed on a very low quality camera and we can’t be certain as to what it really could be.

This  no. 3 video was found on live leak and is from the heart of a war zone, the soldiers are taking cover behind a building and singing and you can hear gunshots in the background, however if you ignore all this and look behind the men, you can see an almost human looking shadow moving quickly past a wall and into where the gun shots are coming from. Some are saying that it is an angel within the mix of all the chaos.

Video no. 2. According to the bible the devil is an angel who had sinned and is now around the world known as the “fallen angel” well in this video, we can see obama talking at the washington convention centre in 2012, and in the crowd you can briefly see what appears to be a relatively normal looking person, however from another angel we can see that it changes form rapidly. it becomes even weirder when you see it slowed down, just watch. a lot of people have also speculated this to be the devil himself.

This video no. 1 is believed to be footage of an angel in america, a seemingly blue mist can be seen on the cctv at a petrol station and supposedly stayed on the screen for 30 minutes before rising upwards and then abruptly disappeared , many of the locals said they were supposedly skeptics but after seeing this footage they are now believers. so what do you think?

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