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WATCH: Most Insane Amusement Parks Around the World

September 21, 2016 | Wednesday

We all enjoy theme parks of some nature. Whether you are a junkie for roller coasters or you enjoy a fairy tale trip into your favorite movies, amusement parks are big money makes because they get us to forget our troubles and have fun for a day or two. Every summer, people flock around the world to their nearest water park and amusement park. With school being out and parents going on vacations, it’s the best time of the year to get your thrills and entertainment that is so epic that the after effects last the whole year until you go back next summer. Typical amusement parks these days includes roller coasters, shows, and even characters walking around the park who are more than willing to get a picture with you. But there are some amusement parks around the world that are pretty insane in the fact that they are so weird or they have such a uniqueness to them that you’ll have a hard time believing that they are really for real. If a unique thrill is in your blood, then get ready to have your own version of Christmas.

In this video are some of the most insane amusement parks in the world. Whether it is an amusement park filled with little people, or an amusement park with themes of adult nature, you’ll have a hard time believing that these parks are for real, and you might just scramble to get your tickets to see it for yourself.

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