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TRENDING: Woman Born With Rare Foot Deformity Walks For The First Time in 26 years

 She has spent years crawling around her village due a serious deformity , her poor family did not have enough money to pay for medical treatment and hope was almost lost for her to ever walk in this life. Chen Tuanzhi's condition left her legs pointing forward at the knee but The 26-year-old was later diagnosed as suffering from serious congenital genu recurvatum disease, which caused her legs to point forward in an L-shape and made it impossible for her to walk.

She was forced to use her hands to move her body along the ground and she became known as 'Crawling Girl' in her village. But after stories about the young woman from the city of Xiamen, in south-eastern China's Fujian Province, appeared in local media enough donations were made to allow her to get medical treatment from specialists in Taiwan.

Chen's mother said before the treatment started that her daughter had grown used to the disability but disliked the comments and stares from people and stares whenever she was in public.
She said: "Our family could not afford the medical bills. Before she was finally sent to Taiwan to get the treatment, her treatment has been refused by many hospitals because it was so unusual."

Despite her handicap the youngster managed to gain a place in a local school and graduate and is now at college studying social work and management.

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