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WATCH: Groom Walked Out During the Wedding and Tried to Drown Himself

A groom had tried to drown himself in river after meeting his 'ugly' bride for first time before arranged marriage , he could not accept because it would be 'bad for his image' and after he walked out of the ceremony and he tried to commit suicide .

Kang Hu claimed bride Na Sung would be "bad for his image" after he walked out of the ceremony and threw himself in a nearby river.
He had stunned guests at the wedding in the city of Shiyan, in central China’s Hubei province, when he apologised to his bride before telling her she was "too ugly".

His friend Chan Wang said: "It was a very awkward moment for everyone.
"The bride was devastated, her family was furious, his family were furious, and we his friends were embarrassed.
"Kang has very exact tastes and had been forced into this marriage."

The groom was spotted several hours later wandering along a river bank shortly before throwing himself in the water.

Passers-by called police who were able to rescue him

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