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Ryan Agoncillo's game show honored in the US International Film and Video Festival

Saturday, 14 June 2014 | 23:21

RECOGNITION IN THE U.S. Napag-usapan ang show ni Ryan sa GMA, ang Picture! Picture!

Picture! Picture! has been a slow burn, actually ngayon nga, eto, I just saw Noel Ferrer’s Instagram, e.”

Naka-post sa IG account ni Noel na manager ni Ryan na nabigyan ang Picture! Picture! ng parangal kamakailan.

“Nung una ang plano dapat was, Ismol Family takes over Picture! Picture!’s timeslot. But I think with the new developments now, hindi ko alam yung plano nila. But nagbangko kami ng ekstra hanggang sa makapalit ang Ismol Family but it seems may chance na mag-extend angPicture! Picture! or for now magpahinga and then bumalik.

“Hindi ko pa alam, e. Pero ‘ayan, e. Certificate for Creative Excellence from the U.S. International Film and Video Festival in L.A,” pagbabasa ni Ryan sa IG account ng manager niya. —

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