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Sunday, 27 July 2014 | 1:01

Coca-Cola came up with a summer campaign, shifting from putting on its iconic logo by replacing it with 250 popular names in the world (?). This invaded the Philippines in particular. There was even an event where individuals were given the opportunity to have their personalized bottles.

Coca-Cola bottles personalized names in the Philippines

Is your name included in the current database of Coca-Cola?

If you are in the Philippines and would like to know if your name landed on the list, here is a rather direct compilation for your reference.

List of names in Coca-Cola bottles Philippines

Now you don't have to take chances in roaming around the nearby Coca-Cola stores or outlets to look if your name made it to the display shelves.

You can also go to for an interactive search - you can key in your name and do a database search. If not found, you will be prompted with a page where you can create your own bottle, with the choices regular, diet or zero.

While the craze is out, in perhaps almost every neighborhood these days, you still have to take note of the possible health effects of your consumption of sodas. 

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